Information technology and information literacy are becoming increasingly important in today's knowledge society. Many studies have shown that students from elementary school to graduate school do not have enough information literacy and skills in IT, therefore, there is a need for effective pedagogical approach that will develop these skills. One of the important step in this direction is the possibility of combining a collaborative teaching approach with inquiry-based learning to develop information literacy of elementary school students and IT skills. Based on existing theoretical framework, we believe that modern teaching technology should be used in early childhood. Children of primary school age explore and learn about the environment by using queries, and computer technologies offer available way to extend the domain and range of this request. A great number of interactive games and educational software packages have been implemented over the last decade for primary schools. However, a large number of software packages are not focused on inquiry-based learning. Examples of existing and hypothetical apps to research in early childhood presented in this article. Problems and future research directions are also identified and discussed.




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Біографії авторів

Mariia Gladun, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University
Senior lecturer in Chair of Information Technology and Mathematical sciences
Dariya Buchynska, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University
Researcher of  IT in Education Laboratory


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Gladun, M., & Buchynska, D. (2017). TOOLS FOR INQUIRY-BASED LEARNING IN PRIMARY SCHOOL. Електронне наукове фахове видання “ВІДКРИТЕ ОСВІТНЄ Е-СЕРЕДОВИЩЕ СУЧАСНОГО УНІВЕРСИТЕТУ”, (3), 43-54. вилучено із
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