The work environments raise changes associated with both economic and social demand in an internationally competitive context. The focus of this paper is the perspectives of people, both employers and employees, who are engaged in lifelong e-learning, within the Portuguese economy. It critically reflects on recent experience at a small local institution considering whether complex state-of the art technology becomes a key to the development of lifelong learning practices in a knowledge-based society.




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Біографії авторів

Isabel Alvarez, The Lisbon Lusíada University
Ph.D., Auxiliary Professor, Faculty of Economics and Business Communications
Paulo Pinto, The Lisbon Lusíada University
PhD, Auxiliary Professor of Faculty of Economy and Enterprise Sciences
Nuno Sotero da Silva, The Lisbon Lusíada University
Lecturer of Faculty of Economy and Enterprise Sciences and IT Manager


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Alvarez, I., Pinto, P., & Sotero da Silva, N. (2017). LIFELONG LEARNING – A LOCAL CASE OF SUCCESS USING WEB TEXT-BASED DISCUSSION FORUMS. Електронне наукове фахове видання “ВІДКРИТЕ ОСВІТНЄ Е-СЕРЕДОВИЩЕ СУЧАСНОГО УНІВЕРСИТЕТУ”, (3), 1-5. вилучено із
Open educational e-environment of modern university

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