Alina Antokhova


The question of ensuring an equal access to quality education is highly radicalized during the period of rapid technological development. An introduction of electronic educational resources in educational process, electronic textbooks, in particular, is one way of addressing the above problem. The article includes an analysis of foreign experience in using of electronic textbooks. It was defined the benefits and risks in the use of electronic textbooks, requirements to them. The article also gives an overview of the needed support of classrooms which for today are testing the mentioned textbooks within the experiment of introduction of electronic textbook as well as it analysis the draft of the plan of realization of this experiment. The role of interactive textbooks in modernizing education is also stated in the article. Since an electronic textbook is currently in a phase of formation in Ukraine, a comparative analysis of proposals by different publishers was carried out in the article. The range of multimedia textbooks which can be found on the following platforms: MozaWeb and Rozumniki, namely, Я досліджую світ (eng. I Investigate the World) (1st form), Art (1st form), Nature study (5th form), World History (5th form) were analysed to determine whether they fulfill the conditions of the curriculum, the demands of NUS, the Order about electronic textbook (from 2nd May 2018), the Education Act. The possibilities for future experimental work were defined in the article.


DOI: https://doi.org/10.28925/2414-0325.2018.5.1022


electronic educational resource; electronic textbook (e-book); interactive book; multimedia textbook; technology; interactive learning; foreign experience; electronic educational resources (EER)


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