Majja Jukhymivna Kademija, Alla Petrivna Kobysja, Volodymyr Mykhajlovych Kobysja


The article describes the psychological and social features of self-realization of elderly people, defines the principles of social work with older people - independence, participation in society, in the development and implementation of policies that directly affect their welfare, care, implementation of internal capacity, dignity - lying based on methods, technologies and appropriate forms of social work with the elderly, a historical analysis of the emergence and development of third-generation universities abroad and in Ukraine No, generalization of the models of implementation of third generation universities abroad and in Ukraine, the current state of third-generation universities implementation at the state and non-state levels is described, the essence of the concept "virtual university" is described, the virtual representation of the educational institution and the typical version of the virtual university structure being implemented are described in detail. the presence of the following interrelated components: the corporate Intranet portal for organizing the access of university staff to a broad di the range of information and communication resources; student's Intranet portal for organizing student access to information; a digital library that provides access for both students and employees of the university to information resources of computer networks; public web site as a key means of marketing and communication with the wider community; an e-learning system capable of providing training and teaching of disciplines in a flexible on-line environment, with active participants in teaching and listening, and which contains constantly updated teaching materials that are in line with the current state of science and technology development.




virtual university; third generation university; e-learning; lifelong learning


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