Uljana Volodymyrivna Avramenko


We determineded  priority directions of diagnostic component transformation at inclusive schools. Also we put forward ideas for implementing these transformations with active  engagement of students and scholars from Ukrainian higher education institutions. The transition to an inclusive education system diversify the various aspects of school education. Changes also occur in the process of psychological and pedagogical diagnosis of pupils. The diagnostic component helps to prevent a risk situation, as well as to build a correction and rehabilitation system. The stage of the analysis of existing experience includes as a generalization of theoretical achievements in psychological and pedagogical diagnostics of children with typical development and children with special needs, and historical information about the technologization of this process. Considerable attention is paid to the issues of computerization of the process of diagnostics and data storage as a result of diagnostics. In modern schools this component is not realized enough, but inclusive centers are already beginning to use electronic databases with the personal electronic cabinet system. In such electronic cabinets, each child is taken into account, has conclusions from the relevant specialists necessary for the creation of an individual rehabilitation program. The main material contains recommendations for the organization of a similar system at schools. During the analysis of foreign experience in the creation of similar projects, attention was drawn to the interesting solution when teachers and students were involved in the creation of such software. Students of the specialties of information technologies, social pedagogy and psychology will receive useful practical skills, and the result of their activities will become a useful information product.




socio-pedagogical diagnostics; inclusive education; computerization; technology; child with special needs


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